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2023 has witnessed an exceptional evolution in gadgets, each redefining daily life in remarkable ways. Imagine a smartwatch tracking your health metrics, a humidifier purifying the air you breathe, or the convenience of staying connected anywhere with portable Wi-Fi routers. The best-selling device of the year is a video doorbell controlled right from your smartphone. In Israel, where safety holds paramount importance, the doorbell’s motion sensors and high-security features bring peace of mind.

All of these transformative products can only be found online, and for a limited time, we’ve reserved excellent discounts exclusively for you. Our advice? Seize these incredible deals now, as time is ticking, and they’ll run out fast. 

1. Doorzy - protect your home with full control through your phone. The most essential home security solution of the year!

Amidst the alarming statistics of a home burglary occurring every 18 seconds—equating to about 4,800 hacks daily—the need for heightened security measures becomes an urgent necessity. Nowhere is this need felt more than in Israel, where securing one’s home is paramount, especially for our elderly population.

In these uncertain times, Doorzy’s compact magnetic security camera emerges as the ultimate solution. With crime rates soaring, owning a security camera is no longer a luxury but an essential tool for safeguarding your home. This is particularly true for our beloved elderly, who deserve peace of mind and a sense of security in their homes.

Doorzy’s advanced features, unmatched reliability, and affordable pricing make it the quintessential choice. For anyone in Israel, especially our elderly population, having a security camera isn’t just a wise investment—it’s a necessity for ensuring safety and tranquility in their everyday lives.

✂️ הנחה מיוחדת לקונים: קבלו 50% הנחה על כל הזמנה חדשה!

2. Marvic EGC Smartwatch –Track Your Health, Skip the Doctor's Visits: Your All-in-One Smartwatch Solution!

Experience the transformative power of live health monitoring! This state-of-the-art smartwatch isn’t just a device; it’s a proactive health partner. Marvic was engineered for precision, it goes beyond timekeeping to provide live monitoring of critical health metrics like blood pressure, glucose levels, and heart ECG frequencies—offering unparalleled accuracy and real-time insights.

Live monitoring isn’t just about data; it’s about the potential to save lives. With the ability to detect anomalies and alert users to changes in health patterns promptly, this smartwatch serves as a proactive shield against potential health crises. Live monitoring has the potential to prevent numerous heart attacks, strokes, and other health complications by offering timely alerts and insights.

Marvic was designed for those prioritizing health and well-being, our smartwatch empowers users with proactive health management, reducing the risk of health emergencies and offering peace of mind. Embrace the future of health monitoring and take control of your well-being with our innovative smartwatch.

✂️ הנחה מיוחדת לקונים: קבלו 50% הנחה על כל הזמנה חדשה!

3. Heater Pro X – Stay Cozy This Winter While Cutting Costs: Embrace Warmth Without the Expense!

Introducing the Heater Pro X—a compact marvel delivering warmth and convenience wherever you go. Engineered for versatility, its compact size allows easy portability, making it an ideal companion for home, office, and even travel.

Experience unmatched cost-cutting benefits as the Heater Pro X dramatically slashes electricity bills, providing efficient heating without breaking the bank. Its advanced technology swiftly warms up any room, ensuring cozy comfort in record time.

Whether you’re seeking warmth on-the-go or aiming to reduce heating expenses at home, the Heater Pro X stands as your ultimate solution, offering portable, cost-effective, and rapid heating performance for the coldest of days.

✂️ הנחה מיוחדת לקונים: קבלו 50% הנחה על כל הזמנה חדשה!

4. Synoshi - המצאת הניקיון היפנית הגאונה שמרחיקה כתמים עקשניים מכל משטח בביתכם!

Synoshi is the best-selling cleaning device in Israel – and for a good reason! This Japanese innovation redefines cleaning chores with unparalleled efficiency. Its handheld design, straight from Japan, brings boutique hotel cleaning standards to your home and cuts cleaning times by over 80%.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional cleaning methods—Synoshi tackles every corner effortlessly. From bathtubs and ovens to windows, tables, carpets, and even car surfaces, it’s a versatile wonder. Japanese-inspired, it ensures exceptional cleanliness, cutting through the toughest dirt effortlessly.

Discover the magic of this advanced cleaning solution, a fusion of Japanese quality and cutting-edge technology. Put an end to exhaustive cleaning routines; Synoshi minimizes effort, maximizes results, and elevates your cleaning standards to a whole new level!

✂️ הנחה מיוחדת לקונים: קבלו 50% הנחה על כל הזמנה חדשה!

5. Ryoko - Your High-Speed, Portable Wi-Fi Marvel for Anywhere Connectivity: No contracts and no roaming fees!

During my frequent travels, staying connected was always a costly challenge. I used to rely on expensive internet contracts that not only weighed heavy on my budget but also often delivered frustratingly slow connections.

That all changed when I discovered Ryoko. I vividly remember the first time I used it—it was a game-changer! Instead of the sluggish connections I was accustomed to, Ryoko’s lightning-fast internet amazed me. Streaming, browsing, and staying in touch with loved ones became effortless, and the best part? No more excessive contracts that take a lot of time to make and are so expensive, and it was so small I could carry it in my pocket. 

Ryoko transformed my travel experience, providing blazing-fast internet in a pocket-sized package. Gone were the days of expensive contracts and sluggish connections; Ryoko became my trusty companion for reliable, high-speed internet wherever my adventures took me. It was truly life-changing!

✂️ הנחה מיוחדת לקונים: קבלו 70% הנחה על כל הזמנה חדשה!

6. Electrapy– Advanced Stress and Pain Relief Patch for Muscle, Joints and Body —Your Personal Therapist on the Go!

Experience relief with Electrapya groundbreaking pain management solution designed to address chronic muscle and joint discomfort, stress, and pains, as well as from accidents. This innovative therapy patch has garnered praise for its remarkable ability to provide enduring relief, offering a ray of hope to those burdened by years of persistent discomfort.

Electrapy isn’t just another pain relief patch; it’s a beacon of relief for individuals seeking respite from long-standing issues. With its stress-relieving properties and targeted approach to pain relief, it stands as a beacon of hope for those navigating through chronic discomfort, delivering the promise of comfort and improved well-being. Experience the transformative power of Electrapy—a revolutionary solution that has helped countless individuals reclaim their comfort and quality of life.

✂️ הנחה מיוחדת לקונים: קבלו 50% הנחה על כל הזמנה חדשה!

7. Umisspro Humidifier – Israel's Top-Selling Solution for Clean, Safe Air and Healthier Living in All Seasons!

This is Israel’s go-to humidifier, renowned for its exceptional ability to combat the challenges of varying weather conditions. Experience a revolutionary device designed to ensure clean and safe air, reducing the likelihood of illnesses significantly.

This top-selling humidifier stands as a beacon of relief in Israel’s ever-changing climate. With its advanced technology, UmissPro not only maintains optimal humidity levels but also purifies the air, creating a healthier indoor environment. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by dryness or fluctuating weather—UmissPro guarantees comfort and improved well-being, providing a shield against illnesses associated with inadequate humidity.

Join countless satisfied users who have embraced UmissPro for its remarkable performance, ensuring clean and safe air all year round in Israel!

✂️ הנחה מיוחדת לקונים: קבלו 50% הנחה על כל הזמנה חדשה!

8. Fotglee – Relieve Severe Pain and Reduce Swelling with Targeted Foot Therapy!

Discover Fotglee: Your Ultimate Foot Massager Designed for Unmatched Pain Relief and Swelling Reduction! This innovative device isn’t just a regular foot massager; it’s a powerful solution engineered to alleviate severe pain and reduce swelling effectively.

Fotglee’s advanced technology provides targeted therapy, offering instant relief from severe foot discomfort and addressing swelling concerns. It’s a game-changer for those seeking relief from chronic pain, inflammation, or swelling.

Experience the transformative power of Fotglee—a trusted companion for relieving severe foot pain and reducing swelling, bringing comfort and wellness to your feet, one massage at a time!

✂️ הנחה מיוחדת לקונים: קבלו 50% הנחה על כל הזמנה חדשה!

9. Klaudena - Improved the Lives of Over 10,000+ People with Pain Relief & Improved Posture in Daily Life!

Klaudena is the #1 most-sold memory foam posture pillow and it’s now available in Israel.

This Seat Cushion helped redefine comfort and posture for over 10,000+ Satisfied Users! This innovative cushion isn’t just for sitting—it’s a transformative solution designed to alleviate pain and enhance posture in everyday activities like driving, working at an office, or relaxing at home.

With a proven track record of improving lives for thousands, Klaudena offers unparalleled support and relief. Its ergonomic design ensures proper spine alignment, reducing discomfort and promoting better posture throughout the day. Experience the difference Klaudena makes—a trusted companion delivering comfort and posture support for daily activities, one seat at a time!”

✂️ הנחה מיוחדת לקונים: קבלו 50% הנחה על כל הזמנה חדשה!

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